Timothy Cott Photography

About Me

I tell stories and raise awareness of the beauty in the world around us through portrait, fashion and fine art photography. A graduate of the Digital Image Management course from The Art Institutes International - Kansas City with High Honors, I've been an avid photographer for over twenty years, shooting professionally since 2013.  The “Old Hollywood” studio portrait look motivates me. I find the dramatic use of light and shadow combined with a composition that gives a larger than life, on top of the world feeling very attractive.  I have a passion for making pictures of places that make you want to take off and go there - places like Yellowstone, the Black Hills, downtown Kansas City or just the great outdoors.  I use both film and digital photography to tell your stories.

Why Film?

Sometimes you have to slow down to see what’s around you.  Shooting film forces you to do just that.  You have to look at your subject, how it interacts with the light, how it interacts with its surroundings, how it affects you.  You have to figure out how you want the finished image to look.  Then you do all of the technical stuff, figuring out the shutter speed, aperture, what lens to use to capture your version of that image.  Once you’ve done all of the thinking and the figuring and the imagining, you set up the camera, set the controls, compose the image... and take the shot.

Art for Sale!

I have several images for sale in a variety of sizes and media selections.  Have a look in my Wall Art store and find that perfect image missing from your wall!  If you don't find it there, let me know and we'll make something work.